Smith’s Optician’s eclectic vintage at the museum district

Father and son Philip since 1981, Smith’s Optician’s eclectic vintage look and eyewear perfectly blends-in at the Third Ward’s (also know as the museum district) rich history and cultural legacy. You can contact Smith’s Opticians at (817) 370-6118, and they are conveniently located in 4313 Austin St., Houston, TX 77004. Dolabany Eyewear empowers the proud […]

Meet Your Fort Worth, TX, Eyeglasses Experts

Meet Your Fort Worth, TX, Eyeglasses Experts. Mickey started on the optical industry at 19 years old, and since 1998 is proprietor of Patrick Optical in Forth Worth. His love for the vintage decor is reflected not only on his antique collectibles and building which used to be to be an old water pump station, […]