Eyecare | Do You Care?

Do you care about your customers that need eyecare? The reason we ask is that we need to make sure we are putting the “care” back into eyecare. If we aren’t taking care of our customers, there are many other optical stores/shops that they can go to. You don’t want to lose your loyal customers, […]

Improve Your Eyecare Business for Second Quarter

Here we are coming to the end of the first quarter of 2020. How were your sales this quarter? According to Eyecare Business, the first and second quarters of 2020 are going to be slow. That being said, your eyecare business needs to be prepared for the half business cycle ahead. We are going to […]

New Season New Releases | Dolabany Eyewear New Releases

Dolabany Eyewear Denton Brown Blue 1024x683

Dolabany Eyewear uses high-quality acetate to produce vibrant shades of cool blues and greens as well as fiery reds and oranges.  For those eyeglass-wearers looking for a winter pick-me-up, classically styled frames are elevated with effervescent colors, modern patterns, and translucent details.