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Register for the Professional Opticians of Florida’s Vision Preview

Professional Opticians of Florida’s (P.O.F.) “VISION PREVIEW” is right around the corner!…

…and I’d like to personally invite you to attend the ABO Credited Courses that I will be presenting October 29th and October 30th at Bonaventure Resort & Spa in Weston, FL.

Click Here to Register…

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Dolabany Releases Spring/Summer Styles 2016

The Dolabany collection recreates original vintage design that captures the true retro trend.  Every frame in the collection is a perfect blend of yesterday and today.  Comfort and fit are an integral part of the design. The wide variety of materials used in the collection includes zyl, stainless steel and TR-90, which make this collection unique and exciting.  The look of the collection is versatile, while always maintaining a high standard of functionality and excellence.  Continue reading

Register for your Complimentary Guest Pass to Vision Expo East 2016

Dolabany RegisterPlease, follow the link above to register for your complimentary International Vision Expo and Conference digital guest passes. 

This link will provide free registration for anyone who clicks on it and completes the Standard Registration section of the web site (no customer id number or priority code is necessary). We look forward to seeing you at the show (We’ll be at booth 4502)!

Mark Dolabany visits Tiltin Diner in New Hampshire

An Old-Fashioned Diner and the Independent Eye Care Provider: What’s the connection?

After a fifteen-year hiatus from working in the New England area as a result of moving the company to Miami, I have returned to visit old customers and create new ones. After all, this is where I founded Best Image Optical 25 years ago. As I headed north on a beautiful afternoon in early June on state route 93, I noticed that the number of license plates marked with the motto “Live free or die” was quickly increasing – a clear indication that I was driving farther into the great state of New Hampshire.

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WATCH: Dolabany Eyewear Fall/Winter 2015 New Releases

Dolabany Eyewear has designed highly-coveted frame styles with unique flare. Using the highest grade of Italian zyl, Dolabany infuses warm and cool shades to make extraordinary color combinations and amazing patterns.  Designers have skillfully used zyl to create marbleized effects. Damson purples, royal blues, ruby reds, and chestnut browns have been incorporated to frame brilliant eyes that truly allow them to pop.

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Email Marketing Blog Post

Grow your Business with Email Marketing

Because we care about the growth and success of the independent Eye Care Business, Best Image Optical presents cost-effective online marketing strategies that have been proven to produce real results. Today, Best Image Optical focuses on an essential tool used to reach potential and current customers. Email Marketing should be considered as a vital part of your business Marketing Plan.

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