It’s Back to School Time…

It’s back to school time!  Man, the summertime sure does fly by!  So with it being back to school time, we wanted to share with you our Dolabany Chef model for kids!Dolabany Eyewear Kids Chef

These frames are made of TR90.  TR90 is produced through Swiss technology as a thermoplastic material that is incredibly durable, flexible, lightweight and are ideal for kids!

The material is comfortable for kids to wear because they are so flexible.  With them being so flexible they can bend under pressure and contour to the small faces of children.

The flexibility of the TR90 glasses helps make them resilient to damage.  The material is so pliable and these Dolabany Chef model for kids are less likely to break or bend from impact during recess time.

TR90 frames are also hypoallergenic for those kiddos with sensitive skin, and are resistant to extremely high/low temperatures so no need to worry about our Dolabany Chef frames for kids while they are outside playing in the different weather elements!

We have these TR90 frames in a vast variety of colors the kids will love! We have over 20 different color combinations for the kiddos to choose from!  Be sure to check out our website to see all the colors that we have to offer!


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